Doctors needlessly giving cancer drugs, Glucose and Cancer, Anti-parasitic drug Suramin and Autism

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Did you miss Medical Rewind? Be sure to listen and hear Dr. Buttar and Robert Scott Bell discuss:

  • More than a handful of doctors have been caught in the act of needlessly giving out or overcharging for cancer drugs to make a quick buck. It seems that some doctors are either intentionally or wrongfully diagnosing sickness, or are immorally pocketing cash from treatment costs.

  • A new study by The University of Texas at Dallas has found an unexpected connection between glucose, or sugar, and certain types of cancer. Researchers analyzed data from The Cancer Genome Atlas, which examines data on 33 types of cancer from more than 11,000 patients, and found that a protein responsible for transporting glucose into cells was found in higher levels in the non-small cell lung cancer squamous cell carcinoma, or SqCC, than in adenocarcinoma, or ADC.

  • Results from a small clinical trial suggest that the anti-parasitic drug suramin can diminish autism spectrum disorder symptoms, but more rigorous research is needed.


If you missed Medical Rewind with Dr. Rashid Buttar and Robert Scott Bell, click below to listen to the show:

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