Balneotherapy, flat salary for doctors,new Ebola outbreak in Africa, children and fruit juice, synthetically produced patent medicines, alcohol and medications

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Did you miss Medical Rewind? Be sure to listen and hear Dr. Buttar and Robert Scott Bell discuss:

  • Dr. Buttar and RSB discuss different forms of hydrotherapy in the Ukraine, where balneotherapy is considered mainstream, not alternative medicine
  • Doctors should be paid flat salaries to eliminate financial conflicts of interest, argue medical ethicists.
  • Real or Hoax? News outlets are reporting a new Ebola outbreak in Africa. Here is a quick summary of the basic mainstream story—The Huffington Post cites a World Health Organization (WHO) statement: four people are believed to have died from Ebola in the Congo.
  • Children should not be given fruit juice before they are 1 year old unless it’s advised by a doctor, according to new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics, published Monday in the journal Pediatrics.
  • Did you know that natural medicine was once, and still is, the default medical system on this planet? In fact, the use of synthetically produced patent medicines (pharmaceuticals) is a relatively recent development (circa 1870), and should really be called the “alternative medicine” vis-a-vis time-tested, far safer approaches that rely on food, spices, and carefully prepared and administered plant extracts.
  • You’ve probably heard that too much alcohol or excessive amounts of certain medications can damage your liver, an organ that helps your body extract the nutrients it needs from food and eliminate toxic substances from your blood.  But a new review suggests that many herbal remedies and dietary supplements can also harm the liver, including some that you can easily buy online or over-the-counter in drug or health food stores.


If you missed Medical Rewind with Dr. Rashid Buttar and Robert Scott Bell, click below to listen to the show:

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