Autism has traditionally been thought of as either a genetic condition or classified as a “psychiatric” disorder according to the DSM IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).  On the alternative side, autism is treated by addressing everything from various nutritional deficiencies, treating the symptoms of impulsive, compulsive outbursts, stimming, decreased sensory output and gastrointestinal dysbiosis to behavior modification, sensory integration and a host of other newer and flashier methods of adjusting the disrupted neuro chemistry.

Unfortunately, until the issue that caused the autism is effectively addressed, no treatment under the sun will return a child to where they are supposed to be.  Dr. Buttar’s protocol has been utilized now over a decade and has been used by over 1,500 doctors throughout the world to treat over 25,000 children world wide.  We have treated over 1,600 children just in our clinic since 1998.   With patients from over 70 countries now, the proof is in the response to treatment.

According to Dr. Buttar as per his testimony before the US Congressional Sub-committee on Human Rights and Wellness in 2004 in the nation’s capital, autism is nothing more than mercury toxicity on board a physiology with one or more genetic predispositions for the inability to detoxify metals.  As per numerous cases, until the mercury and other offending toxicities (such as other metals and persistent organic pollutants) are removed, any hope for full recovery remains dismal at best.  But once adequately addressed, the responses sometimes are humbling.

Mercury causes damage by various mechanisms which include: competitive and noncompetitive inhibition of enzyme activity by reversibly or irreversibly binding to active sulfur, binding at the sites off and displacing other divalent cations, like magnesium, zinc, copper, and manganese causing a disruption of enzyme systems, disrupting critical electron transfer reactions, and complexing molecules and inducing a change in structure or conformation which causes them to be perceived as foreign by the body’s immune defense and repair system (hapten reactions) resulting in hypersensitivity that can potentiate or exacerbate autoimmune reactions.

Mercury alters biological systems because of its affinity for sulfhydryl groups which are functional parts of most enzymes and hormones.  Tissues with the highest concentrations of sulfhydryl groups include the brain, nerve tissue, spinal ganglia, anterior pituitary, adrenal medulla, liver, kidney, spleen, lungs heart and intestinal lymph glands.  But most relevant to us for the purposes of this hearing is that mercury has been clearly shown to causes a denudation of the neurofibrils resulting in direct and devastating damage to the neuronal cells.

Children diagnosed with Autism suffer from acute mercury toxicity secondary to huge exposure while in utero (maternal amalgam load, dietary factors, maternal inoculations, Rhogam injections, etc.) and early on in life (vaccinations preserved with thimerosal, etc.).  Adults diagnosed with Alzheimer’s suffer from chronic, insidious mercury toxicity secondary to exposure over a long time (amalgam load, inhalation of mercury vapors, combustion of fossil fuels, dietary factors, etc.). By addressing and eliminating the mercury “spark”, these secondary “fires” become far easier to clinically manage and the improvements realized from the treatment of the resulting imbalances become easier to maintain.

Our approach for the treatment of Autism is detailed in our “Know Your Options” DVD series, with the DVD on autism titled “Autism, the Misdiagnosis of Our Future Generations”.  This DVD outlines the problem, the physiological challenges and reviews our effective treatment regimen.  Case studies are presented and patient outcome in the patient’s on words is presented.  In addition, Dr. Buttar’s personal journey is documented and provides the compelling reason behind his motivation.  More information can be obtained at, and

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The treatment protocol used by Dr. Buttar to successfully treat almost 1,900 children since 1998 and used by over 1600 other doctors throughout the world to successfully treat over 25,000 children world wide will be reviewed in detail.  Accessibility to the exact same exclusive treatment protocol will be made available to every person attending (and their child if diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder), down to the very specific components.