Cancer has traditionally been “attacked” by radiation, chemotherapy and surgery under the conventional thought process.  On the other side of the spectrum, cancer has been addressed with natural substances such as anti-oxidants, herbs, and other non-conventional treatments from the “alternative” tree of reasoning.  In both approaches, the goal is to try and “kill” the cancer.  However, it is our belief that this is where the problem begins when “treating” cancer.

Dr. Buttar does NOT try to “kill” the cancer specifically because the cancer is NOT the problem.  Cancer is simply a symptom of a greater underlying problem.  To try and “kill” the cancer cell is like attempting to kill the messenger, analogous to beating the red warning light on the dash board of your car with a hammer.  The flashing red light is simply warning you that something is wrong with your engine.  Beating that red light won’t fix your engine’s problem.  And neither will beating the cancer fix the cancer problem.

Remember that cancer cells were once normal.  They changed, mutated, and lost their natural morphological characteristics, undergoing specific adaptogenic and mutagenic morphosis to become cancer.  In Dr. Buttar’s treatment approach, we give the body a chance by allowing the environment within the body to change so as to allow the cancer cells to go back to their normal state.  In addition, we also focus on repairing the natural immunogenic response that normally keeps the balance in the body and protects the individual from these abnormal cells known as cancer.

Remember, from the time we’re born, we all have cancer cells.  It is the immunogenic response that keeps everything moving in the right direction but when the immune system is overwhelmed by toxicity and is weakened by malnutrition, cancer becomes an issue.  It’s only when the immune system can’t keep these abnormal cells in check that the cancer begins, which is usually years before the cancer shows up on a scan or a test or forms a lump big enough to be noticed.

Cancer either starts with a specific toxicity issue or a severe malnutrition issue at a specific cellular point in the body.  Usually, it’s a combination of both malnutrition AND toxicity at that specific point in the system where the cancer shows up.  We use a 5 step approach to addressing and responding to the cancer that focuses on the real problem of toxicity and malnutrition, not the symptom of the cancer.  And of course, we address the most critical issue, that of the compromised immune system which again, relates back to the toxicity and/or the malnutrition.

Our 5 step approach is detailed in our “Know Your Options” DVD series, with the DVD on cancer titled as “Cancer, the Untold Truth”. These 5 steps can be summarized as 1.) Systemic detoxification, 2.) Physiological optimization, 3.) Immune modulation, 4.) Target acquisition and 5.) Maintenance.  More information can be obtained at, and

Additional Documentation that you can download and benefit from immediately:

The key components and treatments used for addressing the unique needs of patients suffering from a compromised immune system as seen in cancer will be reviewed in detail. In addition, a highly effective remote protocol recently tested by Dr. Buttar and found to be highly beneficial in patients suffering from cancer, along with certain other new updated “in clinic” protocols used within the clinical setting will be discussed and reviewed in detail. Accessibility to these same exclusive treatment protocols will be made available to every person attending the seminar.