If you’re concerned about aging, wish to increase performance or want to feel and look your best, then this seminar is crucial to you.  “Anti-aging” and “longevity” have become popular marketing terms but the vast majority of these products, generally speaking are ineffective and have never been scientifically proven or shown to increase lifespan.  In fact, even the studies that are usually quoted by the proponents of “anti-aging” medicine are only PARTIALLY quoted with the most important aspects of those studies showing a link to cancer, being conspicuously left out.

The only thing actually proven to increase life span is caloric restriction.  In studies initially done with mice and then reproduced with monkeys, reducing calories by 30% increased life span by approximately by 10 months.  Correlating to humans, this would be approximately a 3 to 4 year life span increase by restricting calories by 30%, which is clearly not practical for most people.  What is most interesting is that the lab studies in these animals showed an increase in Growth Hormone (GH) as recognized by all the “anti-aging” experts but what was ignored was what the rest of the lab values showed, specifically that as GH increased, IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor, type 1), insulin and cortisol all DECREASED.

Yet, when GH is injected in the body, there is an increase in IGF-1, insulin and cortisol.  All three of these markers are pro-inflammatory markers associated with accelerated aging.  Even more concerning, in numerous studies, an increase in IGF-1 is directly related to an increased incidence in cancer.

“IGF’s are related to increased cellular proliferation, suppression of apoptosis and increased cancer risk in [multiple] cancers.” ––– Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol. 92, No. 18, Sept 20, 2000

Despite the preponderance of observational data, clinical evidence, scientific studies and published medical literature, the so called “anti-aging” experts still continue to push to increase IGF-1 which are clearly associated with “37 different types of cancer” as reported by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.  In fact, all popular medical treatments promising “anti-aging” including growth hormone (GH) injections, increase this same IGF-1, cortisol and insulin which are all directly or indirectly related to not only CANCER but other chronic diseases including diabetes and heart disease.

However, in three separate studies conducted on a specific protocol developed by Dr. Buttar in 1998, this particular treatment has been shown to increase endogenous (your bodies own) GH, while DECREASING IGF-1, insulin and cortisol.  And these were exactly the SAME CHANGES seen in caloric restricted monkeys which resulted in INCREASED LIFE SPAN in multiple studies including mice, rats and monkeys.

The question that needs to be asked is the following:  Is it possible for over 1,800 of the MOST progressive doctors in over 30 different countries, after dispensing over 24 million doses of this remarkable protocol, to all be wrong?   Have you ever heard of an all natural component product that was only available through doctors for over 10 years, before it was made available directly to the public?  Is it worth spending $5.50 a day to take a product which took millions of dollars to develop to get the same benefits as observed in numerous studies proving an increase in life span?  Could you possibly improve every area of your health and wellness with the most unique and remarkable all natural health product ever developed?  And if that were not enough, over 82.9% of the people that start on this treatment, stay on it (based on 6 months of sales data collected from August 2008 to January 2009).  You will learn what this protocol is and you will have access to it before the end of the seminar.

Accessibility to use this same treatment protocol to manage and slow down aging and enhance performance in all areas of life will be made available to every person attending so that you can immediately begin to implement it in your own personal life. In fact, the full benefits of this unique and all natural intervention will be experienced by a number of health care providers attending within the first 24 hours of the seminar. So you will be able to hear in person the response these health care providers experienced themselves.