Have you ever wondered what the major cause of death is? There are many causes of death but did you know that 8 out of 10 people will die from either a heart attack or cancer according to the World Health Organization. But before we look at the cause of death, let’s first look at what causes any disease process. The true cause of Cancer and Heart disease have been virtually ignored by the great majority of the medical profession.

If we were to look at the cause of cancer or what causes heart problems, would it surprise you to learn that toxicity, specifically exposure to various types of toxic substances that equate to chronic poisoning not only cause these conditions, but are responsible for causing every single type of chronic disease?

If we just look at the heart for instance, the questions that arise are what type of toxicity could possibly cause heart symptoms which lead to coronary heart disease? After all, heart disease symptoms are not related to issues of toxicity, right?  If they were related to toxicity, then toxicology specialists would be able to reverse heart disease. The answer to that is, EXACTLY! And in fact, properly trained toxicology specialists can and they do!

Studies looking at heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and mercury associated with various medical conditions have been published in all the major medical journals but virtually ignored by the media and the vast majority of the medical profession. However, this information proving the relationship between toxicity and chronic disease beyond a shadow of a doubt will be presented in great detail at the Advanced Medicine Seminars.

The heavy metal issue however is not just limited, for example, to lead poisoning in heart disease or mercury poisoning in Autism. It goes well beyond heavy metals and deals with the role of chemicals and their activity in cancer, or how these toxic chemicals create a toxic chemical environmental hazard for our children, leading to Autism symptoms. This is true not only with Autism, but all chronic diseases including heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, etc..  Metals and chemicals toxic to the biological system contribute to a process called oxidative stress or oxidative injury. This process is referred to in chemistry as oxidation or the reduction reaction.  And at these seminars, we will discuss all 7 of these major classifications of Toxicity and then discuss what your options are and how you can immediately take control of your own situation and prevent yourself and your loved ones from ever becoming a victim to these 7 categories of toxicity.

The Advanced Medicine Seminars will educate you regarding the oxidative process and how oxidation is causing not only these chronic diseases, but also will cause pain, contribute to depression and cause a lack of energy. In fact, in the case of Autistic children, they are simply more sensitive to the environmental hazards we all face on a daily basis.   The only difference between an Autistic child and a normal child is that the normal child has the normal mechanisms intact to eliminate toxic substances from their systems while an Autistic child has an impaired ability to eliminate most if not all of these toxic substances.

The current health care problems facing our nation, and actually now jeopardizing the very health of our nation, are easily solvable if those who dictate health policy were to focus in on the key health solution, i.e., removal of sources of toxicity, as opposed to focusing on the health problem and trying to mask the problems with pharmaceuticals. Medical health has now become an oxymoron, simply because a “health clinic” is really nothing more than a “disease and sickness clinic”. No one goes to a “health clinic” to remain healthy. People only go to a “health clinic” when they get sick.

It’s now time for us to regain our health by eliminating toxicity and empowering ourselves with knowledge which will allow us to really live life without becoming victims of the system dependent on misinformation. The Advanced Medicine Seminars will give you this knowledge and provide you with the information you require in order to truly regain control of your own health and life.  We have done this in our clinics for over a 50 year collective period and helped bring this information to literally tens of thousands of people in over 75 different countries and hundreds if not thousands of doctors and health care providers throughout the world through just 3 of our lecturer’s clinics.  Join us by taking the next step and attend the next Advanced Medicine Seminar as we together help increase and strengthen the already established new health paradigm which is now well underway and enthusiastically embraced by all those who want a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

More details on how you can benefit will be shared with all who attend the seminar. A detailed plan will be discussed and explained with all attendees known as the AHEAD-MAP which will be the first major step in improving your health by effective detoxification.